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Happy Valentines Day Animated Gifs | Images | Wallpapers: What is Valentine’s Day? Why is it called Valentine’s? What are the facts behind this traditional day? Why we all celebrate this day with love and joy? Why this day put a smile on our faces whenever we hear this word? Guys! These are the most asked questions by the people according to our personal observations, so we have decided to go through it and clear all the confusion today by making a separate post.

Happy Valentines Day Animated Gifs

Let us discuss the history of Valentine’s day first, the history of Valentine’s day starts in the 3rd century with a kind Christian Martyr (Valentinus) and Roman Emperor (Claudius II). The Roman Emperor had ordered to worship 12 Gods and if they had made any crime that will be punishable by death and they will associate with Christians.  Valentinus was determined, and he believes that no threat, no emphasizing of death or any punishment could keep him from practicing his beliefs. In the end, Valentinus was imprisoned and arrested.

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Julia asked many questions to Valentinus that “Does God hear our prayers?” He replied in YES.
“Do you know Valentinus what I pray for every morning and evening?  I pray that I might see. I want to see God.”

Happy Valentines Day Animated Gifs Images

“Our God does what is best for us if we believe in Him,” Valentinus said.
Suddenly, a bright light came into the prison cell, and Julia cried, “Valentinus, I can see you!  I can see each and everything now!”

Valentinus exclaimed, “Please praised to God.”

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On the evening (February 14, 270 A.D.) of the Valentinus’s death, he wrote a letter to Julia, urging her to stay always close to God. And he signed that note with “From your Valentine.” Valentinus was buried at the Church of Praxedes in the Rome and Julia planted an almond tree near Valentinus grave. And, this almond tree is the symbol of abiding worship, love, friendship, and belief.

Happy Valentines Day Animated Gifs Pictures

Suddenly, a remarkable thing happened during the last weeks of Valentinus’s life, and that thing changed everything for decades. The Roman Emperor’s daughter Julia went to jail in order to made a meeting with Valentinus but the jailer wonder that she might be brought to Valentinus for horrible lessons.

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Julia had been a blind pretty young girl since her birth. After that, Valentinus start read interesting stories of Rome’s history to Julia. Valentinus explained the world beauty of nature to her and told her about dear God and taught her arithmetic. After some time, she was able to saw the world through Valentinus’s eyes, found a comfort zone in his strength, and most importantly trusted his wisdom. 

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So, the pupils of this century,  hope you have got an appropriate answer by his story. Valentinus is behind this popular day that’s why it is celebrated this day worldwide and it will be celebrated this day for decades. No range of love, worship, and friendship in this world, he proved it.

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This is the main reason of smiley face on this day. 14th February is just knocking the door again to spread love, affection, and care to your loved ones.

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On this day, everyone is searching love quotes, wishes, social profiles status, and funny quotes too. We have got an excellent collection of the Valentine’s Week List days one by one. Just surfing our blog to get desired quotes and wishes. Here are representing more quotes as you guys loved the most. Here we go, 

Do you know why you are the perfect Valentine?
That’s because you’ve been the most amazing person
throughout the year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

White rose is for purity;
Orange is for desire;
Pink is for gratitude;
Peach is for appreciation;
And Yellow is for friendship.
But I chose Red rose for you which symbolizes love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day Animated Beating Hearts

Sun is rising,
Moon is shining,
Stars are shimmering,
But nothing is beautiful as you,
Happy Valentine’s Day My Love!

I may not always tell you What I’m feeling deep inside The emotions and the feelings That I sometimes tend to hide. Happy Valentine’s Day.

A day without you is a day without sun, a night without you is a night without a moon; a life without you is a life without life.

The greatest thing you will ever learn in this world is to love and to be loved in return. Thank you, honey, for coming into my life. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you!

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Hi dear,
I love you so much.
I cant live without you.
I need you in my life.
Everyday I want to see your eyes.
Hold ur hands n walk with you.
Every night I want to leep on your chest.
Wanna make love with you.
Wanna be a good mother to your kids.
Wanna be a good wife to you.
I want your love forever.
Then one day i will die on your lab.
But my love will never die for you.
I LOVE YOU… Happy Valentines Day Animated GIFs HD Wallpapers.

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Oh! da happy bounding flea
U cnnot tell da he 4rm she
Bt she cn tell
& so cn he
Whoopee !
4rm 1 bd bug 2 another Happy Valentine’s Day Images Animated GIFs Photos.

I have Spent Many Sleepless Nights,
In Your Love And i don’t want,
My Son to Do same 4 Your Daughter,
So lets make them Brother And Sister …
“Happy Propose Day baby“. Valentines Day Pe Girlfriend/Boyfriend ko Wishe Kaise Karen.

Here is my heart; it is urs so take it
Treat it gently; please do not break it
Its full of luv dats good & true
So plz keep it always close 2 u. Happy Valentines Day Animated Beating Hearts.

Happy Valentines Day Animated Flower Photos

The sweetest way to propose:
“Excuse me, do you have a band aid,
because i scrapped my knee
when i fell in love with you.”
Will you be mine …
Happy Valentines Day Animated GIFs Hearts and Flowers.

Everything comes with an expiry date.
Thankfully something like friendship, still exists.
I at least have something forever.
I don’t ever want to lose you.
Happy Valentines day 2017 Flowers Beating Hearts.

Thinking of you!
Dreaming of You!
Hugging you!
Missing you!
Wishing you!
I Love You!
Happy Valentine’s Day Animated Pictures Hearts.

When you look into my eyes, I understand why poets and songwriters spent so many hours trying to capture the feeling into words. My heart melts when you look at me. Happy Valentines Day Animated GIFsPhotos.

All I wanted was Someone to care for me,
All I wanted was Someone who’d b there for me,
All I ever wanted was Someone who’d b true,
All I ever wanted was Someone like You,
Happy Valentines Day Animated GIFs Pictures.

My love for you is like water,
Falling countless
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless. Happy Valentines Day Animated GIFs Images.

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So above we shared Happy Valentines Day Animated Gifs | Images | Wallpapers with quotes and wishes. We hope you guys will like these all animated gif images. Keep reading this Happy New Year 2018 Wishes blog. Happy Valentines Day in advance to all of you. Thank You.

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