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Funny Valentines Day Quotes Cards Images for Lovers: Can you Believe that we are talking about Valentine’s Day Quotes from the starting of this month? We hope that you will like our excellent collection of Valentines Day Quotes, wishes, cards, and romantic poetry.

All days are equal, you can show your love and affection to your partner on any day of the year, can’t wait for valentine’s day. Now If you are looking for funny Valentines Day quotes and Wishes, or just some funny quotes about your lover and loved ones then you are at the right corner.

We have grabbed good funny quotes for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Even you can send these quotes to your lover just for making fun of her/him for a while. Let’s bring a laugh on your faces and love as well. Here we go,

I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with all my heart, and lungs, and liver, and spleen…!

If you’ll be my Valentine,
I’ll hold you so close,
And give you a candy
With a little red rose!

‘I just love to do special things for my wife on Valentine’s day. Like open the door for her when she puts all the laundry in the washing machine, or plug and unplugs the vacuum as she moves from room to room cleaning. Guys, it’s these little thoughtful things you can do to have a marriage such as mine.’ – Anonymous.

Valentine’s Sayings which involve Humour and Lies
I thought that I could love no other
Until that is, I met your brother.
Are you running for senator? Because my parents vote for you as my girlfriend.

Love is like tuna, it is good for the heart.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. 

But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl’s empty and so is your head.
Of loving beauty, you float with grace
If only you could hide your face.

Darling, will you be my player number 2?

I will be your garbage man when your boyfriend dumps you, I will be the one to pick you up.

You are faster than today because I haven’t started my day yet and you completed it already.

I think my watch is destroyed or something because when I am with you time seems to stop.

I have a tradition to wish Happy Valentine’s Day to the person that I’ve slept with most recently.

Every single man knows that the best part of being his own date for Valentine’s Day is knowing that he is guaranteed to score.

To be happy with a man you have to understand him a lot and love me a little. While with the women it‘s vice versa: love them a lot and don‘t even try to understand them. Happy Valentine’s day!

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot
This describes everything you are not.

I am really sorry I forgot your name, may I call you mine?

It doesn’t mean you are my girlfriend (boyfriend) or anything like that. I just like your eyes and your smile! 🙂

‘Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.’ – Unknown.

Are you a television show? Because you are too fun to watch and stare at.

Is it Valentine’s day today? No! It is Sunday you fool!

It’s not just a bunch of random numbers! They are my phone number!

I wish my Valentine won’t run on batteries.

Thanks for secretly becoming my Valentine by hearing one of my tweets on Twitter.

I wish your Valentine’s Day celebration get a ton of likes.

I am only too proud of the chance to help with this the only Valentine I venture to write this day — for although I am Twain in my own person. I am only half a person in my matrimonial form, and sometimes my wife shows that she is so much better and nobler than I am, that I seriously question if I am really any more than about a quarter! Mark Twain 

I do not need a photograph to remember you because you are always on my mind.

You’re the best person to spend this annual obligation with.

Darling, it’s already too late to break up with me before Valentine’s Day.

There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart. 

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re kind of sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” 

If you feel sad that you stay alone during Valentine‘s day, just remember that nobody loves you on any of those other 355 days of the year.

Love is like GPS, you should not always trust it.

I agree to get on my knees only in front of one man. This is my son, who’s still not able to zip his jacket.

My boyfriend told me I can do with him whatever I want on Valentine’s Day, so I tied him up and went to the nightclub.

Funny Valentines Day Cards and Images for Lovers

Funny Valentines Day Quotes and Cards for Lovers

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