Happy Holi Decoration Ideas for Home & Office {Best & Party Special}

Best & Unique Holi Decoration Ideas for Home & Office: As you know we are regularly posting fantastic posts for the sake of betterment of Happy Holi Festival 2017 so that you people can celebrate it very well in every aspect.

So how can we forget about the ideas of the decorations which is the backbone of every event, especially Holi event which is known as an unusual event of the year?

These events bring happiness and problems as well. Mostly. People want to decorate their parties extraordinarily so that they can give individual preference.

Happy Holi Decoration Ideas for Home & Office

We decided to write about Best & Unique Holi Decoration Ideas for Home & Office so that everyone can get an idea about the decoration of parties at home & office.

Although we have posted many posts about Happy Holi wishes, quotes, and messages. But this post is just about Best, Unique & Special Holi Decoration Ideas for Home & Office.

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You have to select any of them idea for decor your parties. Go ahead and grab it from mentioned below,

Happy Holi 2017 Decoration & Celebration Ideas for Home & Office

A splash of color, indoors as well, can only add to the overall look. Old chairs or settees can be reupholstered with brighter, richer fabrics. In case you don’t want to make any permanent changes, try playing around with curtain colors and bedspreads for an easy way to animate the entire space.

Though much of the festival is celebrated in the daytime, there is no reason the festivity cannot extend into the evening. Buy a couple of ornamental, netted, pendant lanterns that give off a beautiful, incandescent glow. These can be used again in time for the next festival, and considering we have no dearth of those, this will be a good investment.

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Nothing to induce the atmosphere of a festival than the memories of the old festival. Embellish and frame pictures in mirror work or crafted patterns. Hang them alongside multicolour patchwork and motifs to beautify and draw some pizazz in every place the eye rests. 

Have an assortment of drinks
Unless you have had at least a glass of bhang-laced thandai, you have not really enjoyed Holi in its true spirit. For those who would rather stay away, keep circulating glasses of virgin thandai, cocktails, lemonade and soft drinks through the party.

Ideas for Happy Holi Decoration

Add exciting street food to the menu
After playing Holi for hours, one works up a huge appetite. Keep the theme Indian, because let us face it; people would not be keen on navigating through a bowl of pasta after celebrating a quintessentially Indian festival! Biryani, chole bhature, pav bhaji, chaat and paneer tikka would definitely make people drool! Keep serving finger food throughout the party. Hire a caterer and ask him to serve food that can be easily eaten with a tooth pick.

Play peppy music
No Holi party can be complete without Rang Barse playing in the background! Compile some all-time favourite Holi songs from classics, like Holi Ke Din (Sholay) to Holi Khele Raghuveera (Baghban), Ang Se Ang Lagana (Darr) to the latest ones like Do Me A Favour Let’s Play Holi (Waqt- The Race Against Time) and Balam Pichkari (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani). Play them at high volume and have a blast.

Decorate the home with balloons and colorful hand painted posters to keep the festival spirit alive. Cover your walls with colorful curtains or hangings this not only look beautiful but also save your walls from holi colors. You can place balloon bouquets on your dining or centre table or hang balloon garlands at various places such as railings of staircases, balconies, interior walls, exterior walls etc. 

To make some extra space remove the heavy furniture pieces from the living area. You can also arrange the larger furniture spaces alongside the walls so that they would not get stained with colored hands or feet. Cover your furniture pieces with colorful sofa covers or you can use beautiful plastic covers to cover couch seats, settees and divan. You can use your old sarees and Dupattas to cover the small furniture pieces to protect them from holi colors and water. 

Make a beautiful Rangoli on kitchen entrance and hang a colorful pendant light in the center of kitchen ceiling to complete the Holi décor. Use colorful paper crockery to serve holi dishes. 

Put scented soaps, homemade face packs to Remove Holi Colour in your bathroom. Also place vases of colorful fresh flowers in bathroom to match with Holi décor.

Instead of colors and water, play Holi with flower petals, I am sure your guests will like the idea and love to play holi with flower petals. You can use marigold and rose petals to play holi in unique and different way. 

Best Holi Celebration Ideas for Home & Office

You are going to celebrate holi. so ask your colleagues to come on the white shirt. That must be so fun. Because the white shirt is more effective when to apply colours.

Purchase some unique shirts or t-shirt. which has printed like “happy holi” on everyone t-shirts?

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Ask everyone to dance, sing songs or tell them to do something.

Arrange some Dj to dance on the floor.

Use natural holi powder to avoid skin diseases.

Arrange food party with sweets.

Hang out with your friends somewhere else.

Special Ideas for Happy Holi Decoration

On this good day help some poor people.

Donate anything if you can make others happy.

Gather your neighbours and family members in one place. Celebrate this holi with them.

Unique & Special Happy Holi Decoration Ideas for Office

Decorate your office and everyone’s cabin with different colour balloons and different colour papers.

If you can write one letter in each balloon-like “Happy Holi”.

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Desing your office with everyone’s achievement.

Use some motivation quotes to motivate them.

Provide food, sweets to everyone.

Conduct some competition and make everyone happy.

Use holi related items like the colourful wig, holi tags printed shirts or t-shirts, etc.

Conduct any games.

In Conclusion of Holi Decoration & Celebration Ideas for Home & Office

There are much more ideas of throwing parties at home or office so that you people can grab any of them for the implementation at your own party. This post is about Best & Unique Holi Decoration Ideas for Home & Office which helps you a lot to get an idea for making party beautiful and more attractive. As Holi is a colourful event so, the party should be colourful, so that’s why we tried to give more ideas for the sake of betterment of Holi. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to share with your friends as it’s important for making further such posts in the Future. Keep coming again and again on this new year images blog. Wish you a very Happy Holi 2017 to everyone. Best of luck.

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